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Leh , Srinagar

Delhi-> Manali -> Leh -> Kargli -> Srinagar -> Jammu -> Delhi
12 Days
6 guys
5 bikes

Route map.

20th July 2007

The journey begins from bangalore. we head to delhi from where we started the bike ride.
I guess the most obvious Question is "To rent a bike at delhi or take it from bangalore?"
Suggestion if you want to rent bike from delhi.
you can rent bikes from a market called Karol barg, you might have to keep a security deposit of about Rs 10,000 - 15,000 each bike.
It is highly recommended that you go a day in advance and rent a bike and try it out in delhi to see if you need to repair anything.

Suggestions if you want to take the bikes from bangalore.
go to the railways about 7 hrs in advance of the departure time of the train.
the person to whom the bike is registered is necessary to to do a check-in, hence get an letter of authority as you need it when you are doing a check in at delhi.

21st July 2007

much of the time in the train is spent in playing cards. and watching the countryside.

22th July 2007
Reached Delhi railway station at 11:00 , checked out the bikes at 1:00 and headed to karolbhag. on the way we saw indian gate


Rented the bike and headed to manali. we stopped at panipat which is about 120km from delhi.

23rd july 2007
Left panipat and headed to manali. stopped at a dhaba for breakfast. this is where we had the best "Aloo Parata" we had ever eaten, this is the time we realised why all the north indians who come to bangalore curse all the hotels.

Chandigarh is a very beautiful city. but the police are not very friendly.

got drenched in the rain and were delayed by about 3hr. had to search for accommodation at around 9:00PM
finally as suggested by a shop keeper we head a "Gurudwar" ( temple for sikhs) and asked for accommodation. the room was big enough to park all our bikes and sleep in it. Yes park all our bikes inside.

24th July 2007
Headed to manali. the ride from here is super. the accent starts.

you pass through a tunnel which is about 4 km in length.
the most scary part was when we were riding the lights in the tunnel went off.


the manali city


25th july 2007
Headed towards Leh,
there are taxi ( Tata sumo) which leave manali at around 2:00 in the morning and reach leh at around 7:00 in the evening. there are tour operator who take 2 days to reach leh giving a night halt at surchu. we had 3 days to go to leh.
Up the rotang pass we went.


halted at Jispa

26th July 2007
Do you see the Road


Ok here you go.

halted at pang

27th July 2006
Left the hotel in the morning at 9:00

Moree planes.
Leh City

Halted at Leh.

28th July 2007
headed to Kardungla - which has the highest motorable road in the world.

you have to get a permission letter form the DC office near the polo grounds in Leh city. you should apply a day prior to your trip.

Later that day we went to a palace ruins and monastery


29th July 2007
Headed to kargil
On the way we had a flat tire.


Halted at Wakow

30th July 2007
Headed to Srinagar
Had break fast at kargil.
passed sona marg.


Qahwa - Kashmiri Tea. this was one of hte best teas i have had in my life. Probably i would go to srinagar just to taste this again.

31 July 2007
Headed to Jammu
Halted at Jammu

1th Aug 2007
Headed to Delhi
Drove 320 Km , Driving on the NH1 at 100Km to 110Km was sheer pleasure.
Halted at Rampur

2nd Aug 2007
Headed to Delhi
Manja and keerti playing.

3rd Aug 2007
fly back to Bangalore

Some Panaroma Photos.
















Biking Tips.
Start early. at around 6:00 in the morning.
smaller the group, the better.
carry puncture kit and tool kit. if there is a flat tire, it is suggested to remove the wheel and take it to a puncture shop.
give breaks for ever 50 to 60 Km.
Drink lot of water

PS: some photos which should have been vertical are not. sorry for that.

PS: I have Settled, started cooking, have to buy mobile.

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Should have been a great experience right ?

the panoramas are really good!

Stunning... Absolutely stunning.

Thank you. I hope you are are liking IISC. Good to know that you get time to check blogs and all.

Won't miss out on good things dude :-)

cool man.. atlast you went to Leh.. guess your next trip is from west to east of India..

cool man.. atlast you went to Leh.. guess your next trip is from west to east of India.. Ravikanth

Cant get more awesome. Beauful pics!

hope you are enjoying your student life.

Bike Trip Details.


Am gopu from bangalore and we are planning for the same trip in december holidays, We need more details about this, Can I get a phone number whrere I can reach you to discuss about this.

You can email me at or call me at +919742386239

Thanks in Advance.

Where I can find good quality films

Where I can find good quality films?
Can anyone help me?

Info needed

Chandru, good to see somebody from banglore to have gone for this trip. Even i was much interested and was trying to gather some data in internet. Luckily i got ur blog. Please can you let me know couple of details.

1) Rental place name in Karolbhag.
2) Do you think it is a really big challenge to do this trip all alone?

Thank for your earliest response.

you can find my email id in the user profile, could you please email me so that i can reply.
I really don;t know if you actually check this place often to find a reply .

Anyways, it is difficult to rent a bike in Karolbhag, especially if you say you are going to ladakh.
I suggest you go a day early to search for the bike.
I forgot the place i rented the bike.

as for going alone is concerned, it is not really a big challenge but worth the independence.

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