A new Beginning

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The time has come when your life is ready to be shared and a new person walks in. In exactly 30 days i have my wedding with nandini and i am excited about this. All the details of this can be found on http://nandinichandru.com . This would change both of our life and we are [...]

Moonbow at Yosemite and June lake.

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Moonbows are like rainbow caused by the moon. It is rather predictable and a wonderful sight to watch. Check this link for schedule. http://www.yosemitepark.com/yosemite-moonbow.aspxHalf dome. Yosemite falls in nightJune lake.It is about an hour from yosemite and a nice place to go . the lake is relatively empty.

Boston, Usa

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A beautiful place to visit in summer. Twins cities separated by the river makes is almost a fairytale cities.

This would be my first trip to the east cost of USA. I have never been to this side of the country in which i have lived for the past 3 and a half years. That should not be so much of a surprise as i have not visited most of India, where i was born.

The weekend i was visiting boston was bubbling with celebrations, there ice hockey team had won the Stanley cup. Typical celebration included the parade and people flocking the bars. I somehow felt the city was opt for celebrations.

The first thing you notice about the city is how well the public transportation is. both Boston and Cambridge are very well connected and nobody in the right state of mind would want to own a car here. It would be rather confusing to drive and unnecessary. Everybody who is visiting Boston, i would urge then to use the public transportation. That said, i would prefer to visit boston or the east coast for that matter only in spring or summer and no other time.

I would suggest you to take the “Freedom trail ” walking tour, There are several paid ones and one free one offered by the national park services. I took the NPS one. very informative.

Ranger giving the tour.

It was pleasant seeing young kids playing in the fountain to beat the summer heat. I wish i could too.

Above all of this, This city glitters in the night.

Road Trip – South California.

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Sunnyvale -> Los Angles -> San Diego -> Death Valley -> Las Vegas -> Sunnyvale.

Decided that we will utilize the Holiday to the fullest extent and went on a 8 days long Road trip. This was the first long family trip we were making after a long time. Me , Lohit and Ashwini saw the other side of the state we lived in. Left the office early on Thursday 12/23/2010 and started the epic 8 days road trip.

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Burning man 2010 , My Explanation , My Experience

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Welcome to Nowhere.
“WHEATHER you’re a Burning Man Vrigin or a Playa old-timer, Greeters at the Gate Always receive you with the words ‘Welcome home.’ Home is the temporary community of Black Rock City in the Northern Nevada desert that is each year created and destroyed; everything else is the ‘default’ world – average, ordinary and very much whatever you want to fmake of it ” – Rod Allen

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Moving on .

Hello all ,
 It has been a wonderful journey here on Lj and as everything much come to an end, so does this bolg. I am moving to my blog to my own website (http://chand.ru) and will be updating it there.  I am trying to do a auto post from there to Lj but i have not yet thought of how to do that. Meanwhile thanks for being loyal readers of my blog. 

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