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Radio jockey.
My friend, Vivek is a radio jockey in world space. the channel name is SPARSHA and his show is on air every sunday 2-00 to 6-00. today he took me to the studio and showed me the RECORDING ROOM. for the first time i stepped into a radio recording room. felt really good. then he showed me all hte equipments and the "telos" , i think , which records the conversation over the phone , and is used to broadcast.
i want ot be on air. i want to be a radio jockey.

PS: I heard a very good news from a dear one today. Congrats

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I have more respect for Worldspace RJ's compared to the others. Must be fun to be an RJ or is the grass always greener on the other side?

he says the job is nice, but also depends on the number of audiance. if you have more audiance, i guess some RJ like it. it is purely personal intrest, that is what he say, he is a software engineer in weekdays( who is not nowadays).

>>PS: I heard a very good news from a dear one today. Congrats What's the good news? and who is the 'dear' one?

congrats to ur dear one.

I guess you heard the news.

Heard the good news from the 'dear' one himself! :)

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