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Have any questions?
Do you have a specific question you want to get an answer from a expert?

After you create a profie, you can add aardvark to you gtalk or any other IM.

then just post the question and leave the rest to aardvark. It will find the person to whom it can direct the question and get the answer. Right in your chat window.

4:52 PM 
me: how is the movie transformers: revenge of the fallen ?
 aardvark: Got it.
*Hint:* Short questions like that don't often get answers.
You can rephrase it by typing 'detail:' followed by a sentence.

I'm looking for someone who knows about *movies*now.
(Type 'tag' to change that topic, 'cancel', or 'more' for options.)
4:54 PM 
(From Eric C./54/M/Redmond,WA, Re: **movies**)
My 16- & 20-year-old loved it.

(To reply, type 'Eric:' followed by a message, or type 'flag' if this answer is inappropriate. Type 'more' for options.)

(Tip: type 'resubmit' for another answer from someone else.)
4:55 PM me: 'Eric' Thanks eric
 aardvark: (I've sent that along to Eric.)
4:56 PM 
BTW: I just got another answer about *movies*:
(Type 'show' to see it here in IM.)

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